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Project Managers

With many years of experience across a variety of sectors, we support any project through its entire life cycle of planning, approvals, execution, delivery and evaluation. We specialise in defining the scope and schedules, engaging with stakeholders, developing project controls, managing risks, procuring the right people at the right time, and managing the handover process.

Procurement Managers

Our team offers additional support services for those organisations that need to undertake procurement as part of the project lifecycle.  The end result of our services is a procurement and contract outcome that delivers improved accountability, service levels, risk management and overall financial performance leading to project or organisational objectives being achieved.

Change Management Services

We offer a comprehensive approach to change management and implementation through our Prosci three phased methodology:

  • Phase 1 – Prepare Approach
  • Phase 2 – Manage Change
  • Phase 3 – Sustain Outcomes

Our clients say

We have over twenty years of experience with top business professionals

Project Analyst

Australian Federal Government

The team provided resources suitable for the Australian Government environment with relevant clearance levels.

Internal Audit

Federal Government Investigations Team

Independent Voice provided a sophisticated approach to external requirement of having an investigation team run the interview process.