We are a team of experts in our respective areas accustomed to delivering innovation to Small Business, Corporate and Government drawn from our experience in large multinational organisations. We are an experienced and long-established company that has developed a new way of engaging our services with our clients. Our team has worked in Commercial organisations and Government in some instances for more than 20 years. Some of our more senior consultants have more than 25 years experience working in Australian Federal Government.

Independent Voice understands what inputs are needed to help our client be successful. We believe we are poised to assist Small Business, Corporate and Government serve their clients better with our innovative mindset and experience. Our team will challenge what is being done and have the knowledge to bring those around them on a new journey. This will be through a repeatable and sustainable approach focused on identifying and prioritising the needs for clients, based on the jobs they are trying achieve. We believe we are able to identify opportunities for innovation and help the our clients best use the Digital Age with tools that provide agility and rapid change.

Our partnerships are chosen to assist Independent Voice provide innovation and capability in the Digital Age.  Since the company was formed in 2008, in Canberra, Australia we have seen rapid innovation enabled by the faster internet.  Our Team have an innovative eye to seek out technologies that fit the market yearn for something new and easy to deploy. We have already been working with some strong innovative Software-As-A-Service start-ups. We then build resources that can best deliver that innovation to the Australian market.

Since February 2019 Independent Voice has been going through accreditation to be a Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Check body. This process was finalised in September 2019 and a Deed was executed for a 5 year period, we be actively providing this service to the community.  We look forward to supporting a safer Australian work force.

We are working with the Australian Federal Government :

Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission
Independent Voice(the trustee for Xavier Winston Building Trust) is now an Accredited Body to provide a service to the general public, and may support individuals to submit an application for a police check. As at 1st October 2019.

List of Accredited Bodies

Employee Check $39.95
Volunteer Check $22.00

Australian Government Digital Transformation Office
The Digital Market Place – Independent Voice

The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources – SON3370416
Human Resources Services
Investigations Panel – Misconduct Allegations
The Panel Available to All Federal Government Agencies

Department of Finance – SON2914302
Whole of Government Cloud Services Panel – Exp 2020
The Cloud Services Panel has been established for the provision of Cloud Services.

Independent Voice ABN : 62 165 073 783
(Xavier Winston Pty Ltd, trustee for the Xavier Winston Building Trust t/a Independent Voice)