APS HR Investigations

APS HR Investigations

Our multidisciplinary investigative team provides clients with expert advice and professional services to undertake investigations across a broad spectrum of issues, including:
  • Misconduct
  • Harassment, bullying and sexual harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Conflicts of Interest (actual or perceived)
  • Grievances
  • Disciplinary matters
  • Truancy and excess absences
  • Fraud
  • Workplace violence, insubordination and negligence
  • Administrative policy breaches
  • Nepotism
  • Misuse or misappropriation of official assets or allowances
Given our real-world expertise in investigative policing, we are also uniquely qualified to investigate allegations against former Australian Public Service (APS) employees following changes to section 13 of APS Act enacted on 1 July 2013. ( Panel Contract SON3370416 )


Our approach utilises 30 years of experience in investigative methods as well as innovative tools and resources that are not currently widely utilised in the market. Our processes are repeatable, sustainable and focused on identifying any underlying factors requiring investigation across all engagements.  We’re able to identify opportunities for efficiency and assist clients to take advantage of the digital age through the use of innovative tools to provide comprehensive results.

Investigative technique

Our investigations are conducted sensitively and discretely, with the primary focus on gathering information and evidence in a timely manner. Operating with tact, discretion, impartiality and sensitivity are key aspects of our approach. Our investigators are trusted advisors with nationally recognised expertise in investigative conduct.  Underpinning our experience is a sound understanding of relevant legislation and industrial relations frameworks and we rigidly adhere to the principles of procedural fairness and natural justice. We acknowledge each engagement will require a tailored approach and deliver this for our clients through careful scoping and assessment to deliver an appropriate, value for money service. Often time is a critical factored in undertaking investigations to ensure evidence integrity, and we avail ourselves to our clients at short notice to ensure the most comprehensive investigation possible. Depending on the nature and severity of the issue requiring investigation, our team will work closely with the relevant internal officers to thoroughly scope each engagement and provide a terms of reference, comprehensive investigations plan and timeline for each engagement. We maintain appropriate open communication and engagement with our clients throughout the investigation process, with respect to confidentiality requirements, and provide high-level progress reports so clients are kept abreast of the status of the investigation and bring to light any developments, which may require further analysis.

Enabling software

In addition to our professional expertise, we can deliver a holistic approach to undertaking workplace investigations with the use of innovative software solutions, which allows us to supplement our face-to-face investigations with leading industry technologies. The SaaS platform we use is an innovative tool that enables electronic questioning and data collection in a centralised environment.  An easy-to-use application, the SaaS tool enables us to ask relevant and targeted questions for investigations and research and allows users to provide this information in a discrete and secure manner.  The SaaS tool provides the added advantage of workflow systems and case management. In addition to being a powerful resource in the investigative process, our software capability also allows us to perform value-add services for clients where systemic issues have been uncovered or surfaced during the course of our inquires. We utilise technology to provide in-depth analysis in the following areas:
  • Employee recruitment and retention surveys
  • Employee engagement and satisfaction surveys
  • Employee perception surveys
  • Employee departure surveys
  • Corporate compliance, training and auditing
  • Tailored research and information gathering to support policy development.
The use of leading industry technology in this field is an exclusive and specilaised feature of our service. The Process Your role Meet with our team to provide the necessary background information on the matter requiring investigation. Collaborate with our team to develop a terms of reference. Ensure any internal administrative protocols and procedures have been undertaken to support a thorough investigation (delegation checking, ensuring financial administrative controls have been met, required systems access has been granted).

Our role

Preparation and information collection

Following an initial briefing and receipt of the terms of reference, we scope and prepare investigation plans. We can, where required, assist with notifying respondents of an impending investigation and coordinate the interview process. We provide a cost-estimate based on available information, which recommends a course of action best suited to each particular engagement.

Investigations and Interviews

We conduct a robust investigation, which may include the gathering of evidence through:
  • Electronic collection of participant or witness statements
  • Face-to-face interviews
  • Corporate data collection
  • Operational policy tests and reviews
  • Reviews of documentation
Where require we can also undertake workplace security and threat assessments. We work with respondents, witnesses and other stakeholders to gather the required evidence and documentation and where necessary, we are available to travel locally, nationally and internationally to do so.

Making a finding and providing a report

We examine available evidence and conduct a thorough analysis of fact to deliver a comprehensive report providing recommendations to decision-makers. We tailor our reports to meet the requirements of our government and private sector clients. Our reports are written according to procedural fairness and natural justice and provide relevant information to demonstrate sound reasoning in reaching our recommendations.  Our reports set out the process followed in our investigation and list any findings in a logical, clear manner. We can also provide scribing and transcribing services for engagements, where required.

Complementary services

Where systemic issues have been uncovered during the course of our investigations, we can offer industry-leading tools to further investigate the origin. Our software capabilities allow us to perform value-add services for clients to provide in-depth analysis in the following areas:
  • Employee recruitment and retention surveys
  • Employee engagement and satisfaction surveys
  • Employee perception surveys
  • Employee departure surveys
  • Corporate compliance, training and auditing
  • Tailored research and information gathering to support policy development.

Information Management and Retention Services

Following the conclusion of an investigation, we perform records retention services in line with best-practice guidelines. Our methods of data collection align with industry standards. How Federal Government Departments Engage Our Team Whole Of Government Panel Contract via The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources – SON3370416 Human Resources Services Investigations Panel – Misconduct Allegations The Panel Available to All Federal Government Agencies