ICT Services

CRM Development

We have experts that can build out one best under marketed CRM products on the market


Concept Testing

Let our Team help you with your concept to ensure it is a success or achieves the desired outcome with our proven methods and principles.

Java Development

Our Team are proficient in a number of the web Java development tools including Oracle, Gradle, Eclipse, IntelliJ & YourKit. JUnit, SpringBoot, and Guava.

Pulse Surveys

Can can run a pulse survey on anything, HR, clients, citizens, or customers these are quick responses about a topic you need information about FAST. We can Help.

Project Management

Our Team are experts in large ICT projects and have extensive credentials in PRINCE2 & Agile Project Management Principles. We help clients keep the pieces together.

Survey Participants

We have the right list to ensure your online survey can be
completed by the right participants

Survey Design

Our Team is experienced in various type of questions types to ensure your surveys are not bias, in your questioning type. We have over 100 different types of questions we can ask a participant. Let our Team show you some survey magic.

ICT Security

iRap Assessment
Application Pen Testing
Security Audit
Identity Management Setup



WordPress Skills

Need a quick website
we can build a great site for you in
Let’s us train you to DoItYourSelf