Our Investigative Team

Suspected misconduct in any organisation is a serious matter and requires highly-skilled professionals to investigate its origins, causal links and likely effects.

Our dedicated team of uniquely qualified individuals possesses the essential skills and capabilities required undertake routine or complex investigations.  Our capabilities include:

  • a good understanding of the Australian Public Service (APS) employment framework, in particular the APS Act and subordinate legislation, and the relevant requirements of the Fair Work Act 2009 (the FW Act)
  • expertise in conducting administrative and criminal investigations and a proven track record of gathering evidence and conducting interviews in administrative, civil and criminal proceedings
  • sound analytical skills, level judgment and critical thinking skills
  • strong interpersonal skills and the ability to build rapport
  • proven ability to weigh evidence for the purpose of making findings of fact
  • a sound understanding of administrative decision making, including the requirements of natural justice and procedural fairness
  • a capacity to provide an evidence-based written report
  • project management and time management skills to facilitate investigations in a thorough and cost-effective manner
  • the ability to maintain strict confidentially.

Our team hold relevant national security classifications which enables us to access and use departmental resources for the purposes of evidence collection.


Amongst our multi-disciplinary team are experts qualified in advance interviewing techniques. These specialists have worked in some of the most sensitive interviewing environments.

Our Head Investigator has a 28-year career in Policing that involved heading major crime investigations, including the case of murdered Australian Federal Police Assistant Police Commissioner, Colin Stanley Winchester.